Blue Onyx



The Background

Blue Onyx came about because of a concert held by founder members Steve Hutchinson (Vocals, guitar & percussion) and Tim Lake (Keyboards) to celebrate Steve’s 50th birthday.

The band played several Moody Blues’ classics and audience reaction was very positive!

Steve and Tim therefore wanted to give lots more people the chance to appreciate (or re-acquaint themselves with) just how good the songs of the Moodies really are. So, together with devoted Moodies fan and top guitarist Mike Cousins, they've put together a seven piece band whose sole aim is to fulfill this dream.



The Current Project

We are presenting as authentic a Moodies sound as possible in a series of occasional concerts.  To emulate both the vocal variety & harmony and also the instrumental versatility – and take our audiences on a journey across the musical terrain of the late 60s and early 70s.

To do this, we offer a unique experience of the Moodies’ music in two halves

        - the first half containing an entire album taken from the “Classic Seven” period (1967-1972) in this case their fourth LP “To Our Children's Children's Children”

-       the second half consisting of a selection from their most well-known and best loved songs from the 60s and 70s.